What Katrin Paper is best suited to you?

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One of the reasons Katrin is the first-choice paper supplier for many of our customers is the fact that Katrin don't want you to buy just any brand of their handtowels and toilet tissues, instead, Katrin want you to buy the RIGHT handtowel and toilet tissue for your business!

That is why they have three quality grades of paper each with different qualities to suit your needs, budget and environmental stance.

To make your choice even easier, the three quality grades of paper are represented by different colours:

Katrin Basic Black 100% Recycled

Katrin Basic Black 100% Recycled paper 1 ply
The basic black paper is ideal for those just looking for a simple washroom paper at a competitive price. This 1 ply blue handtowels are great value and made from recycled pulp paper.

Recycled pulp is also called deinked pulp (DIP). DIP is recycled paper which has been processed by chemicals, thus removing printing inks and other unwanted elements and freed the paper fibres. The process is called deinking. DIP is used as raw material in papermaking.

Katrin Basic Black 100% Recycled >

Katrin Classic Red Recycled/Pure Mix

Katrin Classic Red Recycled/Pure Mix 2 ply
For a better quality paper the Katrin Classic Red Recycled/Pure Mix is perfect for those who want to provide their users with something more substantial in terms of quality. This allows for faster and more efficient absorption than the Basic range.

As this paper absorbs more, this leads to less consumption i.e. waste, which in turn has a lesser impact on the environment which is a good thing. The hand towels are 2 ply blue and made from a mixture of both pure recycled paper. Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label.

Katrin Classic Red Recycled/Pure Mix >

Katrin Ultima Towel Plus 57795

Katrin Ultima Towel Plus 57795
Probably, the product that is kindest to the environment and to your users. Using virgin material ensures the finished quality is a superior choice with the littlest impact on the environment in terms of manufacture and wastage.

The 2 ply white paper hand towels are much softer and have better functionality than the Classic and Basic options. Their rapid, high capacity absorption for complete user satisfaction and high strength for effective hand drying. Approved for direct contact with food and dermatologically tested & approved.

Made from a mix of 100% pure / virgin pulp paper and certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label and EU Flower Eco Label.

Katrin Plus Silver 100% Pure/Virgin Pulp >

What Katrin paper product is best for you: Black, Red or Silver?

If it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers and work colleagues are satisfied with your choice of paper. Or, if your role is to keep costs in balance and corporate responsibility implemented, then the Katrin colour system can help.

The first step to choosing is to determine what exactly is important to you and your organisation.
- Is it the buying price or are you more concerned about cost-in-use, with less consumption and reduced time on maintaining dispensers?
- Is it the environment? How the raw materials are sourced and how the paper made is made?
- Is it all about happier users with the feel of the paper in the hand?
- The absorption quality to do a proper job with the minimum amount of wastage?

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