Cheap ?v? Value-for-Money Cleaning: Lemon Floor Gel

Buying cheap, inferior cleaning products such as Lemon Floor Gel may leave you with a bad smell!

It is amazing how cleaning chemicals like lemon gel are judged on their fragrance. Use a cheap, inferior product and the comments back from customers and staff could range from 'the room smells of dirty mops', 'why does the corridor smell of gas' or even 'that lemon gel smells too much like pine'

Cheaper Lemon Floor Gel use inferior materials that can leave an unpleasant odour Cheaper Lemon Floor Gel use inferior materials that can leave an unpleasant odour a

The main difference between a cheap and a more expensive Lemon Gel is the nature and source of the oil used in the product, which tends to be pine oil. The Jangro manufacturer has evaluated hundreds of different sources of pine oil over the years and has limited their choice to two suppliers. They have found the trick is to identify a source that delivers the right fragrance such that the lemon perfume isn't overwhelmed by some of the unwanted fragrances present in some cheaper sources.

Nothing is more memorable than a smell

So, if you are responsible for buying the cleaning products for your business what do you have to lose by saving anything from few pennies up to ?1.50 by buying cheaper alternatives? In all honesty probably very little, your major cost in keeping a clean working environment is your labour costs and using a cheap floor gel or a quality floor gel such as Jangro Lemon Floor Gel will take the same amount of time to clean a corridor.

Once the cleaning process has been completed the legacy will be the end result. Is it a wasteful investment to pay someone to produce an area which smells of rancid mops, or a tad gassy or of an old piney smell? The first impression when sourcing cheap, but possibly sub-standard products, is the money to be saved but what is the lasting impression customers have of your premises with that lingering odour?

If you are looking to save money on cleaning supplies and yet deliver consistent, high standards of hygiene then we can make you look good. Contact us if you need help or advice with floor gel, floor cleaning supplies or even how to remove bad odours.