Wray Bros Speaks on Sustainability for the NWUPC

Wray Bros is a trusted supplier to members of the North West Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) which aims to: "provide a structure for higher education institutions mutually to secure value for money in matters relating to the procurement of goods and services."

We were kindly invited to write an article about how we can improve sustainability for its members and other businesses in their e-magazine.

Download the full e-magazine HERE > or enjoy the article below...

How do you change sustainability from being a tick box exercise?

Wray Bros, like most manufacturers and distributors, can supply you with products that tick a sustainability box. Purchasing sustainable products and box ticking is the easy part, but let's be honest, it can still be a bit of a cop-out.

The Jangro Eco Magazine
The real challenge is getting the people who use the products to buy into the benefits of them. It's a fact, change is difficult to implement. It is easier for all concerned to just stick with the status-quo, no headaches, no dramas. But meaningful sustainability requires changes - there is simply no getting away from it.

So, the challenge remains, how do you effectively implement change?

The most effective way is strong imagery, communication and education. For example, before David Attenborough's piece on discarded plastic within the ocean, how much notice was given to plastic ending up in our waterways and seas? Since then the greater awareness has prompted action with the government unveiling a 25-year environmental plan that focusses heavily on plastic waste. The fact Wray Bros can reference BBC's Blue Planet 2, a programme transmitted in 2017 but still has resonance, demonstrates the power of effective storytelling.

Sustainability in the workplace can only be achieved in a culture that cares and at Wray Bros we care about everything from the products you use to the people that use them.

People are the most important part of any business and we know from over 33 years' experience that one of the leading causes of waste and environmental harm in the cleaning industry is improper use of products. That's why we focus on educating staff on which products to use and how best to use them. We do this using the Wisdom Box.

The Wisdom Box is the Wise way to communicate with staff
The Wisdom Box is a physical hub where all your organisation's important site info is stored: Risk Assessments, Safety Data Sheets and Training Records etc. However, the Wisdom Box also provides digital and video content that can be accessed instantly online.

Wray Bros produces informative videos to support your workforce, whether it is repairing a vacuum cleaner or manual handling training guidance, we create bespoke videos to help deliver your core values and sustainable objectives.

For example, a large multi-site organisation that has staff working different shifts, part-time hours or employs temporary staff, will appreciate the logistics of communicating new work standards or environmental initiatives. It can be a nightmare to organise without any guarantee of full attendance or that the message has been absorbed.

Think about the time, money and energy it costs having people travel to all these different sites to train and explain new practises to staff all the time - that has a huge impact on all forms of sustainability. Instead, using engaging videos to communicate these important messages is far more practical, cost effective and less harmful.

Now apply the use of our digital support across our wide range of sustainable goods: Enviro chemicals, soluble sachets and palm oil free products and the result is an organisation that cares about sustainability not only in theory, but in practice.

So if you are a forward thinking organisation, who wants to empower your staff with the care and support they need to implement a more sustainable culture in your workplace, then you can do so simply and effectively using the Wisdom Box.

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