Office Christmas Party - The Before & After

Hints to Clean Up After a Messy One!

As our minds turn to all things Christmas, you think your office should be on the wind-down, but instead it's busier than ever. Then some soul suggests a party, of course, you have left it too late to book anywhere, so you decide to hold it in the office. You put the checklist together:

1. Food ✓
2. Alcohol ✓
3. Christmas Tunes ✓
4. Secret Santa Presents ✓
5. Decorations - a mile or so of Tinsel should do ✓
6. Novelty Santa Hat or Antlers ✓
7. Christmas Jumper ✓

And the list goes on...however, have you given much thought to the cleanup? Keep your staff happy this season and give them the tools to start the new year with a fresh and clean office. Here are our handy hints to help you navigate the festivities.