Wisdom Box

24/7 Accessible Training and Support

A knowledge hub for cleaning departments to access all of the information required to work safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Designed to provide easy-access support around the clock, improving communication with staff who may work across a number of sites and have varied shift patterns.

Home to helpful product guides, training videos and much more. Say goodbye to dull, time-consuming and expensive training.

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Why the Wisdom Box?

From years of experience supplying janitorial and workwear, Wray Bros heard some common complaints from organisations with a larger facilities department:

‘We’re spending too much on cleaning products’

‘Training takes too long’

‘Guides and risk assessments get ignored’

The Wisdom Box was created to help relieve these headaches.

Whats included?

model with wray bros wisdom box

Physical Hub

Physical Box with two folders slots for:

Section A: Training

Product Usage Guides, Video Summary Sheets, Instruction Manuals

Section B: Compliance

Safety Data Sheets, COSHH Risk Assessments and Training Records.

uom video training sample 2

Digital Hub

Video Content

Bespoke video induction training, how-to-guides, machine repair demos and much more.

Digital Documents

Need digital versions of your Product Usage Guides or Training Sheets? The documentation you have stored in your physical Wisdom Box, we add on to your online account too. Quickly access your account and content via the QR codes placed on the boxes or via your online account on the Wray Bros website.

What are your training needs for your cleaning or maintenance staff? We’re here to remove any training burden. See how we can help today.

Wisdom Box Clients

Clear and concise

"Central point of access for all staff.

Great, short, engaging, revelant info is a winner."

Alistair Noone - Assistant Domestic Coordinator

Accessible information for everyone.

"Helpful guide for Coshh induction. Useful for first aider to check risk assessment of chemicals.

Accessible information for everyone."

Fatima Gonzalez Rial - Senior Domestic Coordinator

All our staff enjoy the training

"Staff like the part in the Wisdom Box where it gives the times to leave chemicals on to get the maximum effect. Plus the risk assessments our helpful as it says what PPE the cleaners should be wearing."

Alan Ashcroft - Domestic Services Mananger