Do Not Allow Cleaning to Become a Pain in the Back

Cleaners can have it tough. It's a labour intensive profession, repetitive in nature and the manual labour can put strain on you over time.

We realise all of this at Wray Bros, and that's why we supply myriad solutions to counter back problems. These include cleaning trolleys to help reduce the risk of back pain related to moving heavy loads and non-slip footwear to reduce the chances of slips and trips whilst cleaning.

Wray Bros supply janitorial equipment to counter back problems when cleaning Wray Bros supply janitorial equipment to counter back problems when cleaning

Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders are common within the cleaning industry but you shouldn't allow it to become a burden and there are a number of steps that can be taken by employers to ensure that their staff are comfortable, well looked after and are less likely to suffer from back pain the longer they clean.

All employers have a legal duty to manage these risks for their employees and the first step is a clear one.

Assess the Risks of Cleaning

A risk assessment should be carried out by employers to ensure that the risks of suffering musculoskeletal disorders are accounted for. This should take into consideration the cleaning tasks required, the type of loads in terms of quantity and how heavy they are to transport, the environment being cleaned, and the capabilities of the cleaner in question, including their posture.

Risk assessment is best placed as a group exercise, involving all members of the team that are at risk. It is a great way to bond as a team and be honest about the limitations at hand and the risks apparent.

Train your Cleaning Staff Correctly

By including your staff in the risk assessment process you are also inviting them to explain their limitations and at the same time you can assess what levels of training are required.

Depending on what type of cleaning work is required you should train your staff accordingly, from manual handling techniques to safe postures for long hours of repetitive cleaning. Another consideration is for equipment that may vibrate, causing the potential for long term illness.

Always Carry the Correct Cleaning Equipment

Wray Bros provide commercial cleaning materials that have been tested to ensure that the cleaner who uses them has efficient janitorial equipment at their disposal. Our equipment supports RSI (Repetitive stress injuries) and MSDS (Musculoskeletal disorders) reduction for the long term benefit of the user.

We also offer online training courses for basic introduction to professional cleaning and how to use specific cleaning equipment. Providing the basics to ensure that you know how to reduce the risks of back pain in an industry that has suffered from the affliction for decades as a result of poor management and poor cleaning supplies.

If we can help with advice or janitorial supplies that make it easier for your cleaning team to do their jobs contact Wray Bros today on 0151 709 2271 to see how we can make you look good and your cleaner's feel good.