Why is Palm Oil bad for you, the environment and your cleaning products?

Palm oil is used in many cleaning agents within our industry and for the majority of customers in the past this would never seemed like a problem.

However, as time has passed, public awareness of the environmental impact has intensified the industry has moved towards a more sustainable future, one which does not have the same harsh impact on the world.

Why Is Palm Oil In Cleaning Products A Problem?

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Palm oil is a vegetable oil which is very high in saturated fat and despite originating in West Africa today we find it being produced in an unsustainable way in Indonesia and Malaysia with devastating effects to our environment.

Ruthless deforestation has seen thousands of kilometres slashed and burned to make way for new palm oil plantations. This process alone has removed the natural habitat for countless species of wild animal and led to the killing of so many others. With the equivalent of 300 football fields of rainforest being cleared every hour for palm oil plantations it is only a matter of time before we are left with nothing.

This huge scale destruction is predominant in South East Asia and it all order to produce a vegetable oil that is used within countless industries, including our own but because of the negative association with palm oil many companies who use it in their products hide the name under a generic term 'vegetable oil'.

More than 65 million tons of palm oil is produced every year and acts as 38% of the global market for vegetable oil, which highlights just how big this problem is.

But there are alternatives out there and that is something we are very proud to be part of at Wray Bros.

Sustainable Palm Oil?

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A newer approach to sustainable palm oil plantations which produces the vegetable oil without deforestation or harm to humans or animals within range of the plantations is something that has been discussed by environmental groups and worldwide corporations who rely on palm oil as part of their products.

Environmental groups worry that it is not a satisfactory option and is only delaying the possibility of a ban on deforestation that would grind unsustainable palm oil plantations to a halt. With alternatives available, though on a smaller scale and the environmental impact clear it is hard to understand why the production of unsustainable palm oil caused debate, rather than an alternative method being approached on a wider scale.

Wray Bros Offers Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

So at Wray Bros we do things differently! Our products are developed using rape seed oil derivatives or petrochemically derived alternatives which are produced in a sustainable way in Europe. We understand the pressure on the environment that the development and production of cleaning chemicals has contributed to over the decades. We see it our responsibility and that of the industry on a whole to develop products which are less impactful to the environment.

All the Jangro products you can purchase from Wray Bros are palm oil free and we're happy to continue down this route if it means the environmental and social problems discussed above can become a thing of the past.