The Emotional Power of Smell & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

The power of smell is undeniable. Much like a bad smell can drive you out of a room; a nice smell can entice you to stay put. When used in the right circumstances it can actually add to the sales power of retailers to give their potential customers that final push to make a purchase.

Cleaning products can often leave a room sparkling to look at, but with an accompanying smell that can hit the back of your throat and though not unpleasant, can be uncomfortable or might leave a nice smell but just doesn't linger long enough. Wray Bros decided enough was enough and supplies cleaning chemicals which have an accompanying pleasant aroma that lasts! It makes a real difference to not only the cleaning process itself but the long-lasting impression to anyone who smells them afterwards.

Quality cleaning products use quality perfumes that help make a long-lasting impression to anyone who smells them long after the cleaning process.Jangro cleaning products use quality perfumes that help make a lasting impression to anyone who smells them, long after the cleaning process has finished.

Seasonal Smells Transport you to Happy Memories

We all have memories from childhood linked to certain events, or times of the year. Seasonal smells, especially at Christmas, can transport us back to happier times. If you can create an environment which engenders happy memories in those people who step into it, you'll be on to a winner.

A smell can also remind you of food, and as taste and smell or so intrinsically linked, if you can make the taste buds salivate you might find people naturally link your store or place of work with good memories of childhood, food and sporting events, to name just a few.

Stay Calm and Safe

A calm and relaxed environment is great in any setting. By choosing to use cleaning products that have a pleasant aroma to them, you can ensure peace and serenity rather than eye-stinging chemical smells or dirt and waste. The bad smells can clog up the senses and make things cloudy and muddy for everyone. The difference is astounding.

Develop a Signature Scent

Another way to connect and build a level of trust with your employees and customers is to have a signature scent. This can be through spray or plug-in fragrances, or the cleaning products you use that have a certain aroma. It can be another part of your brand, if you discover a scent that strikes a chord with the people you work with and sell to. Finding the right scent for your place of work can take time, but when you find it, it is definitely worth holding on to as a way of leaving an imprint on the minds of many as to the positives they associate that specific smell with. Wray Bros use perfumes within our cleaning chemicals and the power of smell is something we are keen on promoting. Below is flavour of some of the scents and aromas available from Jangro Cleaning products, for example:

TCell Air Fresheners, include:
  • Crystal Breeze
  • Fruit Crush
  • Citrus Mix
  • Floral Breeze
Jangro 400ml Aerosol Air Fresheners, include:
  • Fresh Linen
  • Citrus
  • Talcum Powder
  • Cranberry
Some of the quality aromas that can be found in Jangro commercial cleaning chemicals, include fresh Apple within the Perfumed Toilet Cleaner. Orange notes from Neutral Orange Cleaner, refreshing Mint from Blu Away Washroom Cleaner and the clean smell of Violets from Jangro Toilet Descaler. Whether you want to bring back memories that trigger a buying impulse in your customers, or just want a pleasant smelling working environment to make for a more productive workforce, we have cleaning products with scents for you.

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