How Does Wray Bros Back Your Brand?

Wray Bros in partnership with Portwest

In March 2019 Wray Bros was chosen by internationally respected workwear and PPE manufacturer Portwest to launch their new PW3 range in the UK.

In order to give their products the best chance of success at breaking into a very competitive market, Wray Bros embarked on a multi-channel promotion project.

This included: online, in store and on the road advertising, among other things, in order to make the greatest impact we could for our partners.

Take a look at the measures we put in place to promote Portwest and consider how we could replicate these processes for you!

Portwest Infograph of Wray Bros Promotion

When you partner with Wray Bros we will promote your brand and products in every way we can because we are here you look good!

If you would like to discuss Wray Bros becoming a supplier of your products get in touch today:

Please contact [email protected] or call 0151 709 2271.