Product Usage Guides for Jangro Cleaning Supplies

Product Usage Guides for Jangro Cleaning Supplies

Wray Bros strives to be a source of useful and practical information on all janitorial, cleaning and hygiene tasks. We have a proud reputation for excellent service and knowledge when it comes to washing products and equipment.

We want to ensure you make the right decisions when sourcing your janitorial supplies and once you have your products, we aim to provide information which helps you get the best use out of them. That is where the Jangro Product Usage Guides prove very useful.

Our easy-to-follow guides use illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to make best use of all the Jangro cleaning chemicals, equipment and PPE needed to complete any given task.

To get best value from your Jangro cleaning supplies you may also want to look at our Dilution Guides for our wide range of cleaning chemicals. These handy guides are downloadable and ready to print below:

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

How to use guides on basic and advanced floor cleaning with scrubber, maintainer, gel, floor sealer, primer, polish or stripper products. These guides will help with you with surfaces which are vinyl, rubber, ceramic and terrazzo, marble and wooden floors.

Scrubber Dryer Solution
Scrubber Dryer Power Solution
Neutral Floor Cleaner
Safety Floor Cleaner
Perfumed Floor Maintainer
Lemon Floor Gel
Pine Floor Gel
Polyurethane Floor Seal
Polyurethane Floor Seal Water Based
Acrylic Floor Primer
Wet Look Floor Polish: 25% Solids
High Traffic Floor Polish
Floor Polish and Cleaner
Floor Polish Remover
Floor Polish Remover Rinse Free

Enviro Range:
Enviro Floor Maintainer Unperfumed
Enviro Neutral Floor Cleaner Sachets
Enviro F3 Floor Surface Cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

For stubborn and larger scale cleaning solutions these how to use guides cover industrial cleaning for surfaces including concrete, wood, plastic, metals and those that are non-porous.

Hard Surface Cleaner
Neutral Cleaner Orange Concentrated 750ml
Neutral Cleaner Orange Concentrated 5l
Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrated 750ml
Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrated 5l
Citra Clean Concentrate
Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrated
General Acid Cleaner
Silicon Spray
White Board Cleaner
Traffic Film Remover
Traffic Film Remover Double Strength
Car Shampoo
Vinyl, Tyre & Engine Dressing
Screen Wash
Graffiti Remover
Graffiti Off Brick 500ml
Graffiti Off Brick 5l
Graffiti Off Plastic 500ml
Graffiti Off Plastic 5l
Anti Graffiti Coating

Enviro Range:
Enviro All Purpose Cleaner 750ml
Enviro All Purpose Cleaner 5l
Enviro Multi Purpose Cleaner 750ml
Enviro Multi Purpose Cleaner Sachets For Trigger Spray
Enviro H2 Interior Hard Surface Cleaner
Enviro Odour Neutraliser

Air Fresheners

Small, medium and jumbo air fresheners with wide coverage and power sprays for large areas. They are perfect for washrooms and kitchens where odour may linger in the air. From stand up and microburst, to dispensers and refills, these how to use guide will provide helpful information on your product.

Odour Neutraliser 750ml
Odour Neutraliser 5l
Air Freshner Fresh Liner
Air Freshner Lavender
Air Freshner Magnolia and Vanilla
Air Freshner Spring Petals

Bleach and Disinfectant

Chemicals like bleach can be harmful to the skin if not handled correctly so these how to use guides provide handy tips on best practice. Bleach can be used to whiten clothes, remove tough stains and as a basic disinfectant for bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and halls. These come in a variety of thick, multipurpose, disinfectant, sanitizer perfume and unperformed forms.

Thick Bleach 750ml
Thick Bleach 5l
Spray And Wipe With Bleach
Chlorine Tablets
Floral Disinfectant
Pine Disinfectant
Cleaner Disinfectant750ml
Cleaner Disinfectant 5l
Virucidal Cleaner 750ml
Virucidal Cleaner 5l
Telephone Sanitiser
Telephone and PC Wipes
Cleaner Disinfectant Sachets

Polish and Metal Cleaners

Surfaces vary greatly from natural wood, laminate and veneer to unprotected ornamental metal or stainless steel. Here you will find some how to use guides that cover peek polish, mirror, foaming and multi-surfaces polishes and metal cleaners.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Glass & Mirror Cleaner 750ml
Glass & Mirror Cleaner 5l
Multi-Surface Polish 750ml
Multi-Surface Polish 5l
Cleaner Polish
Luxury Polish
Foam Cleaner

Enviro Range:
Enviro Multi-Surface Polish 750ml
Enviro Multi-Surface Polish 5l
Enviro Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 750ml
Enviro Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 5l

Dishwashing Products

Practical how to guides for all manner of dishwashing products can be found here for tablets, degreasing powder, chlorinated, beerline, glass and bacterial chemicals for plates, trays, glasses pots and pans, useful for hospitality, commercial and educational sectors.

Dishwasher Tablets 5 in 1
Degreasing Powder 10kg
Sanitising Powder
Destaining Powder
Dishwash Detergent for Hard Water 5l
Dishwash Detergent for Hard Water 10l
Dishwash Detergent for Hard Water 20l
Dishwash Detergent for Softened Water 5l
Dishwash Detergent for Softened Water 20L
Dishwash Rinse Aid 5l
Dishwash Rinse Aid 10l
Dishwash Rinse Aid 20l
Glasswash Rinse Aid
Green Detergent
Supreme Washing Up Liquid 1l
Supreme Washing Up Liquid 5l
Concentrated Lemon Detergent 1l
Antibacterial Concentrate Detergent
Washing Up Liquid

Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

These how to user guides are designed to help with specific kitchen cleaning duties such as degreasing, oven cleaning, descaling and sanitising. Appropriate for the catering industry but also small office kitchens and large school kitchens.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Heavy Duty 750ml
Heavy Duty 5l
Heavy Duty Cleaner Odourless 5l
Oven Cleaner 750ml
Oven Cleaner 5l
Catering Descaler
Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser Odourless 750ml
Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser Odourless 5l

Enviro Range:
Enviro Kitchen Sanitiser Sachets For Trigger Sprayer
Enviro Kitchen Degreaser Sachets
Enviro Kitchen Degreaser Sachets For Trigger Sprayer
Enviro Washing Up Liquid

Laundry Detergent Chemicals

For instructions on how to use clothing cleaning products in a commercial setting; residential homes and sports clubs etc. then we have the product usage guides here covering fabric softener, destainer, powder, tablets and liquid in bio and non bio formats.

Fabric Softener 5l
Fabric Softener 10l
Destaining Powder
Laundry Liquid
Bio Laundry Powder
Non Bio Laundry Powder
Laundry Tablets

Washroom Cleaning Chemicals

Hygiene is of great importance for both male and female toilets, including sinks and showers, whether in the office or on an industrial building site. Our how to use guides focus on products that contain sanitizer, bactericidal, germicidal, drain unblocker and urinal caps.

Germicidal Washroom Cleaner 750ml
Germicidal Washroom Cleaner 5l
Foaming Bactercidal Cleaner 750ml
Foaming Bactercidal Cleaner 5l
Blu Away 750ml
Blu Away 5l
Perfumed Toilet Cleaner 1l
Perfumed Toilet Cleaner 5l
Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover 1l
Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover 5l
Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler 1l
Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler 5l
Toilet Descaler 1l
Toilet Descaler 5l
Sink & Drain Maintainer
Drain Solution

Enviro Range:
Enviro Daily Toilet Cleaner 1l
Enviro Daily Toilet Cleaner 5l
Enviro Washroom Descaler
Enviro Foaming Washroom & Toilet Cleaner