Reducing and Recycling Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is now a major factor our customers consider when buying a products. People have never been more aware of how the choices they make when purchasing products can impact the environment with plastic bags and excessive packaging coming under the most scrutiny.

Much of this waste ends up in our waterways and oceans, with statistics suggesting one in three fish caught in the English Channel contain pieces of plastic, so it is very clear that plastic waste must be reduced. We work in an industry which relies on products that come in plastic containers: toilet cleaner, disinfectant and floor cleaning fluids for example.

So What Can We Do To Help?

Recycle plastic by focussing on improving and increasing you recycling rate

One simple change a cleaning or janitorial business can make is to focus on improving and increasing its recycling rate. We can help you to implement successful recycling programmes, offering everything required to get the right systems in places, enabling efficient and cost-effective sorting at the point of disposal.

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Pick The Right Products

Look for products that have been manufactured with the environment in mind such as Jangro's Enviro Concentrates Range.

 Pick the right products with high concentration and low dosage.

This range consists of high concentration, low dosage cleaning products which have highly accurate dosing methods meaning less packaging is required overall. For example, 1 Bottle of Enviro K4 Kitchen Sanitiser 1L is the equivalent of using 100 x ready to use trigger bottles.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Choose a non-plastic or less-plastic alternative product wherever possible

Try to choose a non-plastic or less-plastic alternative product wherever possible, such as cleaning sachets instead of bottles. Sachets used together with refillable bottles, can make a huge difference to the number of plastic bottles used and disposed of per year. For example, if an average office block uses a case of bottles of toilet cleaner a month that equates to 144 plastic bottles disposed of every year! And that is just one site.

We offer a full range of sachet products, including toilet cleaner, washroom cleaner, kitchen sanitiser, kitchen degreaser, and multi-purpose cleaner for trigger spray bottles, as well as a range that can be used with buckets.

By making these simple changes, you can reduce your environmental impact quite considerably. Not only that, the positive impact of making the switch to these products can also often save you lots of money in the long run!

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