Removing Bad Smells is Easier with Micro Clean

Bad odours and unpleasant smells do not have to be tolerated anymore.

If an odour exists from any of the following; urine, dairy products, baby soiling and cooking oils etc. Then use Micro Clean!

Micro Clean removes stains and bad odours

Micro Clean is a biological stain and odour eradicator, ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and flooring where soiling such as body fluids and spilt beverages has been absorbed into the fabric. Available in 1 and 5 litre containers Micro Clean will remove all odours and remove residual stains from carpets, upholstery, concrete and all porous surfaces.

Micro clean is especially useful around areas contaminated with urine or vomit etc. A little Micro Clean will also remedy odours from sink outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units and prevent the re-growth of mould and moss on damp paths and in changing areas with poor ventilation.

This simple-to-use biological cleaner contains many different strains of specially selected microorganisms that produce enzymes which degrade all types of organic soiling. Instead of masking bad odours and unpleasant smells this product is deployed to eat them away, so they never return.

Micro Clean removes stains and bad odours from carpets, fabrics and floors

How to use Micro Clean to remove bad smells

Micro Clean is only activated by diluting with water and should be used within 3 - 4 hours of mixing.

Dilute with tepid (not hot) water and sponge or brush onto contaminated area. Soiled areas need complete penetration. Cover with a damp cloth for maximum effect. Any excess solution may be used to clear sinks, urinals & toilets.

Test a small area of carpet/fabric for colour fastness before use. For severe soiling, follow the directions then cover with a damp cloth for maximum effect.

Pour a little directly into sink outlets to combat odours and blockages. Leave to work overnight.

Do not Atomise as Micro Clean needs to be allowed to fully penetrate the offending area and a spray application is less likely to deliver sufficient product to the soiling


Shake container well before use

For general use dilute Micro Clean 1:1 with warm water and brush or sponge the product into contaminated areas especially carpets and fabrics

To maintain clean, fresh tiles around toilets, urinals and showers dilute up to 20:1

Do not rinse. Allow to dry slowly.

Visit either the Micro Clean 5 litre or Micro Clean 1 litre product page