Reliable supplies of rock salt, grit bins and spreaders, when you need them

“Sub-zero temperatures”, “travel disruption”, “heavy snow falls” and “school closures” are familiar phrases from the last few winters that hopefully we don’t get too accustomed to this year.

Many prudent businesses plan for the worse and hope for the best when they task Wray Bros to supply them with the necessary equipment to minimise disruption should there be a cold snap.

Winter supplies of rock salt and grit bins and more when you need them

Wray Bros source and supply on behalf of a number of customers’ grit bins, salt spreaders and snow shovels to ensure premises, such as schools, are safe and accessible.  Last winter, whatever the weather, Wray Bros supplied rock salt, when many companies had no stock. This winter many businesses can obtain their rock salt from Wray Bros in order to open and stay open but they can now store it, spread it and shovel it.

If it looks like a bleak winter is on its way we also supply an outdoor workwear range including thermal clothing, wellington boots, body warmers and cold grip gloves etc.  If you work for  a prudent business and want help preparing for this winter then contact us on 0151 709 2271 or at [email protected]