What are the best industrial entrance floor mats to buy for your premises?

The entrance to any establishment is the key to making a positive first impression on any visitor. Imagine how you would feel if you saw a dirty floor upon entering, not impressed? We wouldn't be either.

So, how do you keep your floors clean, without reaching for the mop and bucket every 5 minutes, especially on wet days? How do you prevent the dirt on people shoes being trodden all over your building? How do you prevent rainwater, snow and ice spreading beyond the foyer and causing slip hazards?.

It's simple, invest in an entrance mat. Keeping dirt and dust at bay, preventing it from spreading any further than the foyer, they save on time and effort. They protect the surface of your flooring, reducing the amount of cleaning and polishing you have to do. They make a great first impression.

Here we look at the best that Wray Bros has to offer:


Vyna-Plush is a perfect low cost doormat that provides an all-round performance

The Vyna-Plush mat is a premium doormat at a low cost. Providing all-round performance it prevents dirt and water ingress by scraping and wiping shoes.

Constructed from polypropylene, and backed with PVC the mat is anti-slip, stain-resistant and leak proof. Preventing movement across the floor in high volume traffic and protecting the floor from damage.

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Available in complementary colours Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Red and Black/Grey to suit most foyer interior design the Vyna-Plush is an excellent choice. Protecting small and large entrances sizes are as follows 60 x 90, 90 x 120, 90 x 150 and 120 x 180 cm. You can even protect hallways or passages as it is available per linear metre up to 25 metres, with widths of 90 or 120 cm.


For heavy duty dirt from playing fields or paths with gravel and wood look no further than a Rampmat

Want to keep the dirt outside? Look no further than the Rampmat. Ideal for placing outside, this heavy-duty rubber mat is excellent for entrances near playing fields or gravel paths.

The raised circular mesh surface provides an anti-slip surface and effective sole scrapping action. Durable, this mat is suited to external doorways as the mesh wouldn't protect your floor from water ingress..

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The heavy-duty rubber design of the Rampmat gives you the option of using it as an anti-fatigue mat. Absorbing the shock of footfall and cushioning and distributing weight it reduces foot and lower limb fatigue and associated issues. Ideal in kitchen locations for those who are stood on hard surfaces for long periods.

The Rampmat is available in two sizes 80 x 120 or 90 x 150 cm and is only available in black.

Fingertip Mat

For finer dirt, dust and smaller particles a Fingertip Mat is the one for you

If you want to trap smaller dirt particles and are looking for a waterproof mat, look at the Fingertip Mat. The rubber mat has rows of nodules that effectively scrap the dirt from a shoe trapping debris and moisture, preventing its further travel into your facility.

The non-slip base is perfect for wet conditions making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The neat border is bevelled for safety, preventing debris and moisture being spread. An easy-care option, shake the mat to clear away debris.

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The Fingertip mat is available in four sizes 60 x 80, 80 x 100, 90 x 150 and 90 x 180 cm. You should find a size to suit your needs..

COBAwash Washable Doormat

The COBAwash Washable Doormat is an industry favourite and holds up to 3.5 litres per m2 of moisture and up to 800g of dust.

If you are looking for a durable, fade-resistant professional mat, as an industry favourite the COBAwash Washable Doormat is an excellent choice.

This machine-washable mat has a brilliant absorption rate, holding up to 3.5 litres of moisture per metre square and 800g of dust, dirt and debris. A robust nitrile 'gripper' backing helps it to remain in place, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

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Manufactured with a fade-resistant nylon/polyester mix the mat has a lifespan of up to 11 years without significant loss of colour it is also bleach-resistant, making your investment last for over a decade!

Cleaning is easy, wash smaller mats in a domestic washing machine or all sizes can be laundered using industrial washing machines.

Available in a variety of colours mixes: black/blue (BL), black/brown (BR), black/grey (GY) and black/red (R). Sizes are 60 x 85, 85 x 120, 85 x 150 and 115 x 175cm.

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