Rubbermaid | Healthcare Cleaning Trolley

Superior Cleaning from Rubbermaid

A janitorial microfibre cart designed as a complete system solution for cleaning in Healthcare facilities.

Built to last, it is non-rusting, easy-to-clean, aluminium and structural web plastic construction. Complete with locking cabinet doors, security hood and waste cover. See the amazing features and benefits!


Lockable Storage

It cannot be stressed enough how important lockable storage is in the cleaning industry.

The NHS recorded 17 accidents and 1 fatality in just one year by people ingesting cleaning chemicals they had taken from trolleys without lockable boxes.

This spacious 7.25 cu. ft. locking cabinet contains 2 x 28 litre organising buckets for cloths, pads, mopheads etc.

Increased Productivity

The capacity of this trolley increases productivity amongst cleaning staff, as they no longer need to travel back and forth to their cleaning storage facility, wasting valuable time that should be spent on cleaning more areas.

A fully stocked trolley will last from the start of a shift to a cleaner's first break.

More Features:

Platform, Wheel Casters and Mop Holders from Rubbermaid

Four Mop Handle Holders
These safety holders fit up to four mop and broom handles to secure them to the cart and allow safety signs to be hung up too.

Microfibre Disinfecting Platform
Though Rubbermaid are moving more towards bucketless cleaning with spray mops, should cleaners want the option to continue using buckets they can do with this platform. It is also handy if storage space is tight to help pack the trolley away after a shift.

Four Wheel Drive
Four swivel casters offer very easy manoeuvrability which is essential for cleaners when transporting their carts around airports, hospitals, in elevators and in tight spaces.

They also have the added benefit of two locking castors which helps keep the trolley stable when on hills and slopes. These non-marking casters are also perfect for noise-sensitive environments.

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