A Guide to Safety Signs in the Workplace

Safety signs for work

Whether your workplace is a factory, a warehouse, a construction site, an office, school or a retail outlet this page and accompanying document: Wray Bros: Safety Signs within the Workplace is designed to help you consider some of the Safety Signs you may need around your workplace to stay safe, compliant and within the law. The Wray Bros website features a selection of the vast range of workplace safety signs available, plus upon request we can supply a Safety Catalogue, packed full of safety products. The Health & Safety at Work Regulations state that where workplace risks cannot be removed completely, you have a legal responsibility to ensure these risks are clearly identified. You also have a legal responsibility to advise of any actions that must be taken to avoid risks in your workplace.

A Guide to Safety Signs in the Workplace

Fire Exit Safety Signs

To assess your fire exit requirements you should start from the centre of the site or building or a point farthest from a fire exit and work towards the exit, noting changes in directions and levels. At these points a fire exit sign should be placed as well as at regular points along the route i.e. you should always be able to see a fire exit sign indicating the direction you should take.

Designed to clearly identify escape routes and emergency exits. All premises that are required to undertake health and safety risk assessments must comply to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and clearly mark all emergency escape routes and exits.

Fire Door and Assembly Point Signs

Check that all Fire Exit Doors have a sign explaining opening methods. Fire doors must have a sign explaining that they should be kept shut. Fire escapes doors must be kept clear on the outside as well as the inside. Upon exiting the building the assembly points should be signed.

Fire action signs provide essential, detailed information and should form part of your comprehensive fire exit and evacuation process. Assembly signs conform with current UK and European Legislation including Draft International Standards DIS 3864 part 1, which requires a white border for Safe Condition and Fire Exit Signs.

Fire Action & Fire Equipment Signs

Is your fire action procedure clear? The location of all fire-fighting equipment should be clearly marked with a sign. This includes extinguishers, fire blankets and call points. Make sure all of your fire extinguishers have the correct sign identifying the type of fire they can be used on. All fire fighting appliances must be clearly identifiable.

The HSE Health & Safety Law Poster

You have a legal requirement to display a HSE Health & Safety Law Poster. Revised in April 2009, the poster outlines the basic Health & Safety responsibilities of both employers and employees. Position your poster in a prominent place so it can be easily viewed by all employees. If your workplace is large or has several buildings, it is likely that you will need more than one poster. You have a responsibility to ensure all your employees are fully aware of their health and safety obligations. Made from tough rigid plastic. Size: 595 x 415mm

No Smoking Signs

You must display a no-smoking sign at each public entrance to your workplace. This sign must also have specific text. If you do not display the appropriate sign you could be fined up to £1000. Supplementary no-smoking signs can be used internally to help ensure your smoke free policy is adhered to. Use polite reminders in and around your premises

Machinery Hazards and PPE Signs

If you have any machinery on your premises you must have signs to warn of hazards and actions to be taken, such as ensuring guards are in place and identifying emergency stop buttons. These must be placed close to the machine or its control panel. Signs regarding protective clothing, equipment and any action to be taken must be placed on or close to the machine.

The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 details that Mandatory Signs must have a blue circular background which contains a white pictogram. All symbols, where applicable, conform to ISO 7010

Safe Conditions Signs

These signs are required to identify medical assistance or an area of safety. You should indicate who the first aiders are, clearly identify the location of your first aid boxes, first aid room or station and equipment such as eye wash stations or emergency showers. Email us for details on available signs and sizes.

Hazardous Substance Control Signs

You have a responsibility to protect your staff and visitors. All persons at work need to be aware of the status of any hazardous substance that they may come into contact with. This range of safety signs will help create awareness and contribute to a safer workplace.

The Hazard& Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 state that Hazard Signs must be displayed to warn people to be careful or to take precautions when hazards exist.

Specific Prohibition & Hazards Signs

As you walk around your premises you must consider the movement of employees, visitors and contractors. Signs must be to indicate where pedestrians can and cannot safely walk and identify hazards. Traffic routes for vehicles must also be clearly identified to ensure safety. Signs should be used to indicate whether routes are designed for pedestrians or vehicles.

Our Safety Signs within the Workplace Guide is not a complete guide of all the signs you need to make your site compliant and safe, but aims to provide some examples to help you start identifying potential hazards. For comprehensive guidance on all matters relating to Health & Safety guidance please visit www.hse.gov.uk.