Keeping Cleaning Staff Safe and Clean Whilst Valeting Cars

If you supply a car care and valeting service your professional cleaners are possibly in danger of being exposed to potentially harmful substances over a prolonged period of time.

Dangers can become apparent if you use products incorrectly and find there is contact between skin and product, or splashed into your eyes. Skin irritation in the form of dermatitis can occur if you are not careful around the substances. Another problem is breathing in the vapour of the cleaning products. The vapour has two dangers; they can be narcotic to breathe in and are also highly flammable in most cases.

Use PPE and cleaning products properly to avoid possible dangers when car valeting such as skin irritation and splashes to the eyes Use PPE and cleaning products properly to avoid possible dangers when car valeting such as skin irritation and splashes to the eyes

Compare Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Wray Bros have readily available safety data sheets to accompany its car valeting chemicals and you should compare these with a number of suppliers before choosing which cleaning product is for you. Always ensure that hazardous cleaning products that you use to valet a car are within sealed containers to limit the exposure to you. An open bucket of solvents and water could be harmful to you as you breathe in the vapours and your skin comes into direct contact with the water.

Be Aware and Avoid Direct Contact

When valeting the size of the vehicles can change and the intensity of the cleaning required can change. As long as you are completely aware of what is required and your staff are trained to deal with all aspects of cleaning in a safe manner then you should be able to avoid any contact between dangerous substances and skin. When working inside a vehicle ensure that all windows are open to allow for ventilation. If a pressure wash is required ensure that all equipment is maintained and any cabling and connections are working fine before commencing.

Wear the Right Protective Clothing

Wray Bros can provide the protective clothing suitable for car valeting, as well the industrial ppe supplies that includes eye protection and gloves that extend to protect the forearms as well as the hands. High standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness can help you prevent dermatitis from occurring.

If you are using full pressure washers and strong detergents you may wish to use full waterproof clothing. Wray Bros appreciate the dangers at hand and the cleaning chemical supplies used for car valeting are of the highest quality and come with all the supporting safety sheets and documents you need to be fully aware. You can also find in our website a range of disposable gloves and more durable protective grip gloves as well as other required PPE such as safety glasses.