Section A: Legal Things

This folder contains all the legal requirements that employees and employers need take into consideration when carrying out workplace tasks.

The Wisdom Box is the Wise way to communicate with staff

This physical point of reference, which can also be accessed remotely on computers and mobiles, helps keep all the most vital information in one handy place. The contents include:

Safety Data Sheets

These files provide the technical specifications for all the products a workforce uses: alcohol gels, carpet cleaning, dishwashing liquids, Enviro chemicals, floor cleaners and everything else.

You can view some of our current Safety Data Sheets by clicking here >

These can vary from the most commonly used items in your workplace to the most hazardous and are necessary to comply with Health and Safety standards.

COSHH Risk Assessments

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is a piece of Health and Safety legislation that covers, amongst other things, the cleaning products used by professional cleaning organisations and their staff.

COSHH deals with the risks posed by each cleaning product and identifies the necessary control measures to be adopted on site to remove or minimise those risks.

The Wisdom Box is the Wise way to communicate with staff

You can view some of our current COSHH templates by clicking here >

Of course, all of the cleaning chemicals if stored, handled, used correctly and that personal protective equipment are available when substances are in use, ensure cleaning chemicals are completely safe and pose no significant risk to users.

Training Records

Only the best organisations qualify to receive the benefits of the Wisdom Box and the feedback we have received from these forward thinking teams is that it is very practical to have training records kept in one place.

This allows employees to tick off when they have viewed certain videos and attended courses. For employers, this saves time, effort and resources coordinating and it can be accessed quickly when being audited.

Up to Date

The law, Health & Safety regulations and product specifications often change with very little notice, so we are constantly updating Section A: Legal Things to remain in line with these changes.

We can do this almost instantly in digital form, which can then be printed out in hard form, so your organisation always remains at the forefront of compliance.