Guide to Single Solution Mopping for clean floors, quickly!

Dirt and spillages on your floor can't be left for
long. Mopping removes dirt and gives you that
clean and safe surface you've been looking for.

Floors at commercial premises can often become muddied and stained
with a number of things. If you don't use the correct mopping solution,
or technique, you could be left without a clear mind as to how to get
your floor gleaming as new once more.

Mopping can be tiresome work, especially if you don't have the correct
equipment. Wray Bros supplies cleaning products and accompanying
materials that will help you fully clean floors that have become dirty.
This guide will offer tips and advice to ensure that you have the correct
approach, the cleaning chemicals and janitorial equipment you need
before starting the task of cleaning the floor. Follow these steps
methodically and soon you will have a clean, shiny and safe floor.

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