Video Content

The state of the art Wray Bros Studio gives you the power of professional video production right at your fingertips. Our resources create bespoke videos that apply to your main concerns meaning communication with staff has never been easier or more engaging.

The Wisdom Box is the Wise way to communicate with staff

The practicalities of running a large organisation means that workforces are often dispersed over several different areas and with different shift patters. Which means getting everyone in the same place, at the same time, is almost impossible if you have a message to share.

Video Content is Vital

Studies show that video is by far the best way of information retention: people recall 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see but a whopping 70% of what they see and hear together!

Video content also builds trust between employers and employees. It shows shows an organisation not only cares about the people who work there but that it is willing to invest in strengthening the relationships between everybody involved.

With the help of the Wray Bros Studio you can have videos created to solve the problems specific to your company and be involved as much or as little as you want, we can do everything from script writing, professional film shoots and industry standard editing days with modern computer software.

This makes Wray Bros the only company capable of creating videos to help large workforces and provide quality workwear and effective cleaning supplies.

We can also film on site to create the most relatable and bespoke videos possible

Our most recent work includes videos on: Manual Handling, CHOSS Risk Assessments and Vacuum Cleaner Repairs, among many others. All of which can be accessed on the job with mobile phones and using QR codes.

Forward Thinking and Innovative Organisations

Videos have a longevity and accessibility about them. They can be used time and time again to help staff when presentations cannot be made in person, as is often the case.

So no more boring emails which can be easily forgotten or Chinese whispers of messages that aren't passed on correctly, now you can have engaging videos that explain simply and precisely what the message is.

Below you will find an old example of the kind of thing we can create and for more information get in touch.