Cheap ?vs? Value-for-Money: Thick Bleach & Thin Bleach

As mentioned in an earlier article ' Cheap 'v' Value-for-Money: Wholesale Washing-Up Liquid' the challenge when buying wholesale cleaning supplies, regardless of price, is to safeguard against getting fobbed off with inferior supplies and left with a product that doesn't do the job you and your team expect it to do.

A good example is the supply of bleach cleaner! There are ways a supplier can keep their costs down, but not always to the benefit of the customer. For instance, one method is to reduce the activity of the product, you can see examples of this in the retail supermarkets, e.g. a typical 2 litre bottle of supermarket bleach may be sold as a loss-leader for approx. 30p but the activity is 1%. Bleach for the away-from-home sector, for use in more wide and varied situations, such as Jangro Bleach and Jangro Thickened Bleach has an activity of 4/5%. When comparing wholesale cleaning chemicals like Bleach and Disinfectant it is worth checking the strength for each respective product as well as the cost price if you want good value-for-money.

If the Bleach you use isn't tested to standards such as EN 1276 how do you know it will do what it is supposed to do? If the Bleach you buy and use isn't tested to standards such as EN 1276 how do you know it will do what it is supposed to do?

Product Insurance and ISO Standards mean quality cleaning supplies

Some hidden factors that you may not be aware of that affect the costs incurred by reputable suppliers. For instance, product insurances have a cost to the business and gaining ISO doesn't come easily or cheaply. Cleaning products tested to approved standards, such as EN 1276 is a benefit to the customer that proves that the product they are using will actually do what it is supposed to do, i.e. Tested to EN1276 kills 99.99% of germs. Not all suppliers can say that when challenged and it is a way for you to determine if their formulations and cleaning chemicals are made to an approved standard.

This is what Jangro cleaning chemicals offer in their products, high quality at real value-for-money. If you are offered a product at a price that's too good to be true it may be worth asking how can this be so much cheaper than what I'm currently paying? Ask yourself, will the price stand once they have a foot-in-the-door or will you need to order even more product quicker than you normally would?

If you are looking to save money and yet deliver consistent, high standards of hygiene then we can make you look good. Contact us if you need help or advice with cleaning supplies such as industrial disinfectants, cleaner disinfectant or your hard surface cleaners.

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