Suggested Washroom Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Supplies

The importance of robust structures and guidelines is particularly crucial for any well-run business and the premises hygiene is no different. Communication and organisation ensures a worker knows from day one to what is required, the deadlines and standards to be met. Plus, sound structures foster teamwork, where everyone involved in the cleaning task works toward a common goal.

The article below covers a suggested schedule for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks as well as recommended cleaning supplies ideal for washroom and toilet cleaning that are suitable for the task.

Possible schedule of cleaning tasks and cleaning supplies for a hygienic washroom Possible schedule of cleaning tasks and cleaning supplies for a hygienic washroom.

Suggested Cleaning Schedule: Toilet, Washroom and Washroom Fittings Suggested Toilet Cleaning supplies
Daily cleaning tasks
  • Empty waste bins and remove refuse
  • Wash and disinfect urinals, toilet bowls, toilet seats and covers
  • Disinfect cisterns, flushes and door handles
  • Clean wash basins, wipe and polish taps and counter surfaces
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Spot clean doors and partitions
  • Check and replenish toilet paper, paper towels, soap
  • Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
Weekly cleaning tasks
  • Dust to hand height including pipework and tops of partitions and doors
  • Damp dust and polish dispensers
  • Damp wipe radiators and pipework
Monthly cleaning tasks
  • Scrub floor edges to partition feet/base of toilet bowls
  • Damp wipe tiled wall surfaces, doors and partitions to hand height in toilet areas
Jangro Toilet Cleaning chemicals:
Quick Guide to using Jangro Toilet Cleaning chemicals:
  • Flush toilet. Apply to bowl & under rim
  • Leave for a few minutes. Agitate with toilet brush
  • Re-flush toilet & rinse out brush
For descaling toilets use Jangro Toilet Descaler or Jangro Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover

Suggested Washroom Cleaning products
Quick Guide to using Basins, Baths, Showers and Tile Cleaning products
  • Spray sparingly onto surface
  • Wipe with damp cloth
  • For small areas spray onto cloth & wipe surface
  • If desired polish to pleasing sheen

For consideration:
  • Always read and follow the label instructions.
  • Wear suitable and recommended ppe and use the correct colour coded cleaning equipment.
  • Routinely check stock levels of your washroom cleaning supplies and washroom paper.

Managing ongoing hygiene standards

There are additional cleaning tasks that should be undertaken on a quarterly and/or six monthly basis, e.g. cleaning and disinfection of waste bins. The customer and cleaning services company should agree upon how the standards of hygiene should be measured and reported against. Furthermore, a schedule of planned cleaning inspections should be agreed between both parties.

Look out for further articles that look at cleaning schedule and cleaning chemical supplies for general work office space and catering departments. Contact Wray Bros for further help and information on how to get the best from your wholesale janitorial supplies or for information on our hygiene audit.

Watch an explanation to the pH Scale and Washroom Cleaning Products

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