Wray Bros, Willy Wiper and The Princes Trust

Over 30 years ago The Prince's Trust helped Graham & Mark Wray become the founders of Wray Bros. 

Just Two Kids From Toxteth

Graham and Mark's business venture was given a loan by The Prince's Trust to convert unwanted charity shop clothes into rags and wipers, but they faced stiff competition from other Wiper businesses. Therefore, in an effort to become more distinctive and memorable, the lads decided to call their business... Willy Wiper!

Help Us Inspire Young Lives

Now, after more than three decades of successful trading, it is Willy's turn to pay back The Prince’s Trust by supporting them in similar ventures to help other budding entrepreneurs to transform their own lives, because sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

#WillyWiper Selfies From Around The World

When you buy your Willy Wiper, we would love to see what he's up to, so we ask if you could keep in-touch via social media by sending us a quick selfie.  We will post your pictures on our site and all of our pages to show the world just how far you can go with a bit of backing.

Willy Wiper selfie on island for the Princes Trust. Buy your very own Willy Wiper here. >

Willy travelled first class with Helen Newman to Necker Island as a guest of Sir Richard Branson.