Which PPE supplies do you need in your business?

Workplaces need to be as safe as possible and designed to keep employees safe from hazards.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to be worn by employees to protect them from hazards in the workplace that could affect their health or cause injury. PPE is often needed alongside other controls to protect employees from injuries and harm. Equipment needs to be risk assessed and all employees need to be fully trained in its use to further prevent the chance of accidents and injuries.

Having the right PPE for your industry is essential to protect your employees as well as protecting yourself from potential claims against you if the worst were to happen.

You need to consider the possible hazards your staff face. Is it falling objects or dust which can be damaging to the lungs? Are they at risk of noise pollution? Do they work with materials that can be corrosive and even damaging to the respiratory system? Follow the link for the full range of wholesale PPE supplies suitable for your workforce.