Unpleasant Smells in the Workplace & How to Tackle Them

The air quality in your workplace might not seem like the most important thing to worry about at first, but it can make a difference to the levels of happiness of your employees and their subsequent productivity.

It's easy to dismiss smells in the workplace as just 'one of those things' but they can start to add up to something bigger and more unpleasant. There are also quite a few sources. Smells in the workplace if not tackled can make the workplace unpleasant and affect productivity Smells in the workplace if not tackled can make the workplace unpleasant and affect productivity

Food Smells

Some workplaces have no policies on food. If hot foods are brought into an office, for example, the smell can quickly infiltrate the surroundings. The smellier the food, the quicker this will be. Crumbs and residue can offer long lasting unpleasant smells too.

Personal Hygiene

It's not just the surroundings of the workplace itself that can smell; the people who spend their time there do too. Look after your own personal hygiene as a person can leave behind unpleasant body odours from sweat and flatulence, as well as stains and smells within furnishings if left for long.


Your waste management should be at the top of your agenda as without a proper process waste can begin to pile up. A delay in clearing waste can leave to overspills, leakage of bin liners and food waste. Unpleasant smells will quickly follow and often linger.

Cleaning Regularity

Every workplace has a cleaning schedule, but how often does yours have a deep clean? A regular cycle of cleaning and deeper cleaning is a necessity in workplaces where there are large groups of people congregating at any one time. You clean your home regularly to eliminate dirt and odours, so why wouldn't you your workplace.


Bad ventilation in any premises can cause unpleasant smells to stay where they were laid, long after they should have disappeared. It can also cause bad smells to move into different areas of the workplace, rather than straight out of the door and away from your staff and customers.

Smoking Policies

Smokers now have to smoke outside. But since the smoking laws were introduced the smell of smoke and tobacco is much more recognisable in placed where it is no longer permitted. Strict smoking policies can alleviate the risks of smoke being blown into communal areas and strict times for smokers can reduce the risk of bad smells being dragged back in on a regular basis.

How to Eliminate Those Nasty Odours with Wray Bros Cleaning Supplies

It's not all bad news, there is help available. Wray Bros has a range of commercial air fresheners and odour neutralisers that can assist you in creating that pleasant smelling environment that helps everyone. You can genuinely improve the productivity and efficiency of your working environment through the power of smell. A nice smell will leave people without a worry about cleanliness and their personal space being invaded by the nasty odours we mentioned above. It can make a huge difference.

Air fresheners available include Jangro Aerosol Air Fresheners, TCell Air Freshener Starter Kit, Jangro Air Freshener, Microburst Air Care Starter Pack and Odour Neutralisers

Commercial Air Care Products that Tackle Office Smells

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