Uplifting Yellow and Colour Coded Janitorial Supplies

Colours always have a meaning behind them that we instantly connect with. It can stimulate us, unnerve us, inspire us and cause tears and happiness. One of the more emotive colours is yellow.

The Positive and Creative Impact of the Colour Yellow

Yellow stands out from the crowd as an uplifting colour of happiness and all round positivity. It is a warm colour that inspires a creative reaction from those who surround themselves with it, building confidence and co-operation, original thoughts and a thirst for knowledge.

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Yellow Colour Coding Supplies
It is a colour that really does link to clean thoughts, clear images and a thought process that wants to be creative and think of something brand new.

When linked to the colour coding of our products and equipment, the freshness of yellow corresponds nicely with the fact we use yellow colour coded products to clean clinical areas, such as Jangro Medical Sanitiser to help prevent infection. Yellow sits nicely within the thought of a sparkling, sanitised clean surface.

Stay Safe and Look out for a Colour

When undertaking any cleaning task there are risks of cross contamination. Wray Bros delivers products that have this in mind, with colour coding on equipment and cleaning chemicals letting you know clearly which type of cleaning each should be used for. It's quite simple to follow and allows you to keep within a safe system of training and cleaning with no cross contamination.

  • Blue: Blue cleaning equipment can be used for any general, low risk areas.
  • Green: Green cleaning equipment is suitable for food and bar use.
  • Red: Washroom floors and sanitary fittings can be cleaned with red equipment
  • YELLOW: Suitable for cleaning clinical areas.

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A Selection of Yellow Colour Coded Cleaning Supplies

Yellow colour coded mop heads and handles: Exel Revolution Mop head, Exel PY Mop head and Exel Big White Mop heads and Exel Mop Handles. The full range also includes Kentucky mops.

Yellow colour coded mop buckets & Pails: The range includes Duo Hygiene Mop Bucket, Maxi Combo Mopping Bucket, King Speedy Bucket & Wringer and more small and large mop buckets

Yellow Colour Coded Wipes: Three of the best-selling disposable wipes including Jangro Biowipe Plus, Jangro All Purpose Cloth and Jangro Lightweight Wipes.

Yellow hygiene Colour Coded Brushes including hand scrubbing brushes, sweeping brooms and colour coded handles to suit.
Wray Bros also supplies disposable yellow rubber household gloves, colour coded dish cloths as well as a handy colour coded wallchart and an infection control wallchart.

Keep the colour warnings in mind when cleaning. It's a great way to train cleaning staff and to stay safe. Cross contamination is a problem that many cleaning organisations face and with a simple system of colour coding you can soon eradicate those problems. Never forget the emotional power of colour to provide you with the instinct to keep things clean and uncontaminated.

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