John Moores University Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheet is a document which provides important additional information on the health and environmental dangers associated with substances as well as information on the protective and emergency measures to take when using them.

This sheet can be produced by the manufacturer, the importer or seller of a dangerous substance or preparation.

Safety Data Sheets are available via manufacturers COSHH data pages and most web pages for providers, sellers or agents of the product. A SDS should be provided to recipients free of charge, on paper or electronically.
These are generally provided either first use or at the time or the first delivery. Additional copies are generally available via COSHH we areas.

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COSHH Risk Assessments

Brasso Polish 175ml
Blu Away, 5l
Neutral Cleaner Orange, 750ml
Enviro Foaming Washroom and Toilet Cleaner, 750ml
Floor Polish Remover, 5L
Hard Surface Cleaner, 5L
Lemon Floor Gel, 5L
Perfumed Floor Maintainer, 5L
Wet Look Floor Polish, 5L
Glass & Mirror Cleaner, 5L

A copy of the Risk Assessments for each individual product is provided in this section. These assessments have been completed following full consideration of the safety information provided by the manufacturers and suppliers of the products identified. Please note the following:

The individual assessments were carried out in January 2016 with a review in January 2017. A copy of this booklet is provided to all Facilities Management Supervisors and Team Leaders and should be made available to all staff. A hard copy is located within the supervisors hub. Additional copies are available on sharepoint or hard copies from Paul Bradford / Maria McShane.

The assessments are issued for information and guidance to Facilities Team staff employed by Liverpool John Moores University.

The assessments cover only the products identified and must not be referred to when using other branded products.

The assessments must be referred to at all times when the products are used, in particular the guidance on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Appropriate guidance on the use of Personal Protective Equipment is provided within the assessment and further guidance can be sought via the Supervisor or Team Leader in the first instance.

DOWNLOAD: JMU Combined COSHH Documents April 2017