Quality produced printed or embroidered staff uniforms can benefit a business looking to make an impact with a professional looking brand image.

Artwork Guideline Tips to Personalising your Logo

Whether you team regularly wears Outdoor jackets, Coveralls, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Shirts, Hi-Visibility clothing or Sweatshirts, we have provided our artwork guidelines to ensure your company brand reproduces to a high-standard on your garment.

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File types of your logo we can accept

Artwork must be supplied at 300dpi or higher. Any lower, such as web images, which is 72dpi, is not suitable to reproduce your logo to a quality standard that you would find acceptable. We want you to be totally satisfied, so higher the resolution the better.

Any queries regarding uploading your file, please contact sales@wraybros.co.uk.

Maximum size we can produce your logo in print and embroidery

To embroider your logo on the breast, the maximum width is 10cm. For a sleeve it is 7cm, but this can be determined by the garment size, i.e. a sleeve of an XS limits how big we can reproduce your logo. On the reverse of a garment, the largest width is 25cm.

To print your logo onto a garment,the maximum width is 30cm. The height of your logo will scale to the width of your logo.

Where on a garment you can print or embroider your logo?

The position where you can place your logo depends upon your chosen garment. The most common locations are either the left or right chest, across the whole width of garment chest, the full width of the garment back as well as the left or right sleeve.

If you require your logo in a different location on your workwear and we will work with you to see what we can do together, contact our team at sales@wraybros.co.uk.

Working with your company brand font

We will try to match the font used in your company logo, yet with so many available fonts online there is chance we may not have an exact match on file. In such cases, we will either offer an alternative, comparable font or we will convert your text into an image file.

Working with your company brand colours

The Wray Bros Personalisation team will work to closely match the colours of your brand. If you could advise us of the pantone spot colours, it can allow their task of meeting your expectations, that bit easier.

Considerations when choosing to embroider your logo

Your logo when embroidered will look part of the garment's design to give a professional appearance.
To get the best from your embroidery and to make your logo standout, we suggest any text you have is no smaller than 6mm, for clarity it is advised your text height is 8-10mm.

Logos with outlines, drop shadows or use graduated colour tones can be difficult to reproduce by thread, working at small sizes. Embroidered logos work best with a simplified layout using solid, bold blocks of colour.

Can you colour match embroidery threads to my logo?

Whilst an exact match is difficult, if you supply the Pantone references for your logo, we will find the closest thread colour and produce a sample for your sign-off.

Considerations when choosing to print your logo

Heat seal print works well with bold designed logos when applied to T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Hi-Vis workwear.

To end-up with a quality looking garment that combines your logo, it is suggested your design avoids fonts that are too small, text should be no smaller than 14 point (5mm).

Dependent upon fabric coating, heat seal printed logos are not suitable for some waterproof jackets. The Personalisation team can help you select the right workwear coat for customising.

We are here to make you look good
We understand how much you put into your business and your brand, which is why we want to make sure you are fully satisfied at each step of the way. If you have a query why not pick up the phone to our team and let us see how we can make you look good.