Look the Business in Chef Whites & Front of House Uniforms

Catering as an industry is an exciting and vibrating career choice. The kitchen can be an often volatile place but the end results are often spectacular and with a great sense of worth and meaning to all involved.

As a company you want to supply your kitchen staff with the best equipment and this goes to chef wear too it has to be durable, keep your staff safe and supply them with comfort.

But they are not the only staff to take care of when it comes to clothing and you can create a memorable brand identity by taking care when choosing the front of house range for your waiting staff.

Make the right first impression with our range of Chef White's and uniforms for front of house staff Make the right first impression with our range of Chef White's and uniforms for front of house staff

Look the Business in Your Chef Whites

It is important that your head chef and his team feel like they are at the top of their profession. It adds to your confidence if you're dressed smartly and correctly, whatever your job and Wray Bros has a versatile range of chef wear from aerated chef jackets to chessboard trousers that suit all types of brand identities and cooking styles.

Taking care of your appearance lends itself to a more professional air of quality and integrity and your kitchen will benefit from this type of atmosphere. Our range of catering wear is practical, desirable and stylish perfect for the kitchen -

Make the Right First Impression with Front of House Staff

Your front of house staff has the opportunity to perfectly encapsulate your message and make the first great impression. Our range of hospitality uniforms has been designed with comfort and style in mind, but also with a view to helping you create that brand identity of professionalism and quality.

With a range of stylish poplin shirts, bar aprons and poplin blouses, available in a variety of colours, you have the chance to complement the vision for your business whilst making your front of house staff stand tall and proud to be the best that they can be when serving your customers.

Customise Your Clothing for Maximum Impact

Customisation and embroidery of your catering and front of house wear can add to the special feel of the whole experience. Your staff will be lifted by it and customers will see a real sense of belonging and togetherness, bringing together a great team that delivers quality time and again.

Wray Bros invites you to consider the customisation of your chef and hospitality wear and are keen to have you on board from start to finish for maximum control and impact. We can place your logo, company name or message on a range of materials and clothing helping you stand out from the crowd and make an instant impact.

Bring all the Ingredients Together for an Outstanding Brand Identity with Wray Bros

The whole experience of a restaurant or outdoor catering for the customer must come together. The food has to be outstanding of course, but how best can you supply them with the visual aids to accompany their visit?

Wray Bros offers a chef range that is versatile and offers functionality for all of your catering staff needs. Everything we provide is made of the highest quality, will be durable for the toughest kitchens and keep you sane and cool when the heat rises.

So get in touch with our friendly team and we'll help you figure out the right chefwear and front of house wear for your team.

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