The way you access your account has changed

Welcome to our new site

We have made our website more secure with the introduction of one-time verification codes. Whether you are a new customer or returning one you will need access to the email address you use to place orders, as this is where the verification code to log into your account will be sent.

Wray bros new interactive website preview

How to access your account

Click the Access your account button on this page.

Type in your email address, if you are an existing customer please type the email address you have used to place orders previously and click Continue.

You will receive a unique 6-digit verification code sent to your email. Enter this code and click Submit.

Orders placed on or after 11 November 2023 will appear on the next page. If you require order history from before this date contact us.

To browse and shop on our website click Go to store.
Desktop - Located in top right of screen
Mobile - Click the menu icon on top left, then click go to store.

If your account is set up with multiple delivery addresses choose the location you would like to order good for and then click Choose location to continue shopping.

If you need help logging in please dont hesitate to contact us on 0151 709 2271 or email us at for assistance.