Co-botic 45

A human-robot collaboration in cleaning.

The co-botic 45 is an intelligent robotic scrubber-dryer for hard floors. Working in collaboration with cleaning staff, the co-bot will cover the main routes, while the cleaner can focus on cleaning the edges, corners and other spots that require more attention.

The co-botic 45 is fast and efficient, as well as self-learning. A cleaning route can be manually mapped, or you can simply let it find its own cleaning route. By adding the co-botic 45 to your cleaning crew, you instantly outshine the walk-behind scrubber. The cooperative work cleaning staff can achieve with the co-bot results in a more efficient and faster cleaning routine. Moreover, the co-botic 45 doesn’t need detergents, and uses less water than an average walk-behind scrubber dryer.

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Key Features


The co-botic 45 keeps on cleaning for up to 180 minutes. When the battery is almost empty, the machine can return to its starting point before it runs out of battery. When working with 2 batteries, the machine can operate 24/7. Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.


The machine's powerful twin counter-rotation 350rpm brushes are designed for efficient cleaning and soil removal, and are validated by ATP test data that showed results of up to 90% cleaner surfaces.


The co-botic 45 is programmed to clean as precisely and efficiently as possible. Every bit of energy is used for cleaning - nothing is wasted. While the 45 only consumes 240W in one hour, alternative robots can consume up to 1000W per hour. Furthermore, it saves as much water as possible while still remaining the i-mop known and proven cleaning performance.


Because the co-botic 45 is battery-powered, there are no cables involved. There is also no need for a charging or refill station. This instantly reduces the risk of tripping and falling hazards. Furthermore, the 45 will leave the cleaned floor dry within 10 seconds to reduce slipping hazards. By setting virtual boundaries in the app, the cleaner can rely on the 45 to stay within the designated areas.


Combining the i-team co-botic performance with the trained human eye, the co-botic 45 gets the most out of your cleaning operations and needs. The cleaner and the co-bot make a perfect team and will never miss a spot. They each execute the cleaning they can do best, simultaneously and side-by-side.

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Remote Control

The co-botic 45 comes with a remote control that can be used to manually create maps or instruct the co-bot to clean a specific spot. You can also use it to start a pre-programmed cleaning task or adjust the suction levels when in operation.

i-power 20c

The co-botic 45 runs on the co-botic version of the i-power 20 batteries. They can be charged them with the i-charge 9c. The battery boasts up to 180 minutes of cleaning on a full charge, and can be charged back to full again in as little as two hours.

Easy Squeegee

The co-botic 45 comes with a Linatex squeegee as standard. For greasy and oily areas, it’s recommended you use the Primothane version. Replacing the squeegee rubbers is a piece of cake, and there are no extra tools require – it’ll be done in less than a minute.

Co-botic App

With the professional app, built for the co-botic 45, you can schedule cleaning days and times through your mobile device. The co-botic 45 automatically divides spaces into zones, which you can select or deselect before or during a cleaning routine. It’s also possible to have these zones cleaned in a specific order. In addition, you can also set up virtual walls and no-go-zones

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Proper commercial cleaning goes beyond simply removing dirt. It involves prioritising the well-being of individuals, streamlining the process, and achieving reliable results while also preserving the environment.

With the i-link platform, you can easily monitor your co-botic 45 and other i-team products, view usage and performance data, and stay on top of maintenance and compliance tasks. There is also a mobile app allows you to create tickets and manage your assets efficiently.








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Made blue

According to The World Health Organisation, 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water.

The i-mop, which is already designed to reduce the amount of water used in the cleaning process, also helps by providing water where people need it most.

When you buy an i-mop the equivalent of 18 litres of water per day is given to the Made Blue Foundation. This contribution runs for a period of 3 years after the i-mop is purchased. This is the equivalent to almost 20,000 litres of water!

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Technical Specifications

Cleaning efficiency Roller Scrubber/dryer upto 1500 m2 (Single Operation Cycle)
Cleaning pressure 2-6 kg
Clean water tank 10 L
Recovery tank 10 L
Battery life 2-3 hours (1 x ipower20)
Charging time Single charger: 180mins, i-charge 9c: 120 mins
Sensors 3D LiDAR (x1), 2D LiDAR (x1), TOF (x1), Ultrasonic Sensors (x4)
Display screen 7 inches
Operational speed 0.8 m/s (adjustable)
Noise level 75 dB (power) / 71 dB (standard) / 65 dB (quiet)
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 mm X 504 mm X 629 mm
Brush speed 300-900 RPM
Other Remote control, Auto route planner, Robot management dashboard, Downloadable cleaning reports (pdf file), Modular design on all parts
Compliant standards EN IEC 63327, EN IEC 61000-6-2:2005, EN IEC 62368
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