30 day payment terms available

Why Open a Trade Credit Account?

Simplified Procurement

With a trade credit account, you can easily place orders for cleaning supplies and services online or over the phone, ensuring a seamless procurement process.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy the flexibility of managing your payments on your terms. Our trade credit account allows you to consolidate your invoices and settle them at your convenience, helping you maintain optimal cash flow for your business.

Priority Service

As a valued trade credit account holder, you'll receive priority service from our customer services team. Whether you need urgent assistance or regular maintenance, we've got you covered.

Bespoke Pricing

Take advantage of prices on products available only to account holders. This allows you to save money while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness for your establishment.

To apply for a trade credit account simply contact the Customer Services team: Call: 0151 709 2271 or Email: sales@wraybros.co.uk. You will be sent an application form to fill in.

Alternatively fill in your details below to request an application form.

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