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Product description

i-air PRO Air Purifying Machine

Your well-being is in the air.

Meet the i–air Pro, one of the leading commercial air purifier units that combines high-volumes of HEPA H14-filtered air with UV light chamber that captures and kills pathogens, making it one of the best low maintenance air purifiers available.

This powerful unit is the only stand-alone unit designed to deliver clean, purified air to large areas up to 500 square-meters, while maintaining MERV19-rated air quality. The power of this air cleaning machine makes it perfect for commercial offices, medical clinics, schools, hotels, restaurants and more.

Key Features Of The i-air Commercial Air Purifier:

  • Medical grade HEPA H14 filter
  • Delivers clean air up to 500m2
  • Ultra-low maintenance, self-cleaning filter
  • UVA and UVC technology
  • Photo-catalytic oxidation
  • Removes VOCs

Why Do We Need To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Time spent inside exposes us to airborne contaminants that threaten your health.

Microbiological Contaminants - This group of microbiological contaminants is made up of viruses, moulds, spores, bacteria, as well as animal saliva and dander. The source of these can come from other humans, unsealed rubbish bins, pets, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchens and hazardous microbes in medical environments.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) - VOCs are a range of gaseous contaminants emanating from a solid and/or liquid form. Sources of VOCs can include cleaning solutions, pesticides, insecticides, building materials, cosmetics, paints and more.

Particulate Matter (PM) - Most airborne particulate matter is invisible to the naked eye. These particles are generally known as PM 2.5 or PM10 and are a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air we breathe. Most hazardous are particles smaller than 10 microns, which are captured by our HEPA H14 filters. The source of PM can include manufacturing or construction activity, vehicle exhausts and other mechanical activity.

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i-air PRO Technical Specifications:

Power requirement 230V 50/60Hz
Energy consumption, 4 fan speeds Low 370W, Medium 400W, High 430W, Max 470W
Dimensions 1328 x 794x 444 mm
Weight 75 kg
Fan motor AC 230V, long lifespan, non-stop use OK
Control Panel 20 character, 4-line LCD display encoder
Air output (Low-Max) 200-600m3/h
Housing material Metal
Noise Level, 4 fan speeds Low 35dB, Medium 55dB, High 58dB, Max 61dB
EN 1822 filter classification HEPA H14 =99,999%
Main HEPA filter life H14 - average up to 24 months, with 24/7 operation, pressure sensor will indicate when filter needs replacement
PM particle filtration at =0,3µ (H14) =99,999%
VOC reduction (TVOC) =95-97%
Microbiological contamination reduction level =99,9999%
Output air quality, Merv standard Merv 19
Recommended room size 250-500m2, depending on air contamination level
Max room size Up to 500m2
Neutralization chamber Self-cleaning, long life, maintenance free for up to 9000 hours of lamp life
Display languages English
Fan speed settings 4
Control via local LAN Yes, dedicated website
UV lamps life status Real Time control
Working modes Manual/Automatic
Dust level, output air Yes, LCD display
VOC level, output air Yes, LCD display
Electrical safety CE, EMC certification
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