i-mop Floor Brush Guide: Which Colour fits Which Surface

The i-mop scrubber dryers are the flagship products of i-team, and the i-mop floor brush range are just one of a number of accessories that can expand the capabilities of the machines. The nature of the brushes design means the machines remain dynamic, adaptable, and accessible for use at all levels - but only with the knowledge of what brush material is best for what surface.

If you've taken a look at one of our i-mop product pages, you've likely noticed the myriad of options available for floor scrubber dryer brushes. With a mix of colours and textures used to differentiate the brushes, it can be overwhelming to know which brush is the right fit for the surface you intend to use the i-mop on. In this blog, we'll explain these essential cleaning implements - diving into their various functionalities and their suitability for distinct areas within a premises. We’ll look at the various brushes available for Lite, XL, and XXL versions of the i-mop, as well as the floor pads that apply to all models.

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i-mop Floor Brushes: All Models

The following brushes are sold alongside all models of the i-mop. This means whether you purchase the Lite, XL, or XXL models of the machines, these following brushes are all compatible. While they are designed for different purposes, these brushes will generally cover your everyday floor cleaning needs and aren’t designed for tackling specific, unique cleaning requirements.

i mop lite soft light blue floor brush

Light Blue Brush

The light, or sometimes ‘soft’, blue-coloured brush is meant for light duty cleaning. This covers your standard stains and spills and is made to be used on timber and delicate floors.

i mop lite standard floor brush

Medium Blue Brush

The go-to brush for tackling everyday scrubbing and cleaning, the medium blue brush is of a more aggressive build - able to tackle tougher marks and stains. It is the standard brush supplied with every i-mop and is appropriate for surfaces such as a PVC and linoleum.

i mop hard red floor brush

Heavy Red Brush

The red coloured brushes signify the accessories built by i-team to take on the deep cleaning tasks needed for certain areas. The heavy red brush for all i-mop models allows the user to deep clean most floor surfaces - including getting into the tricky grout lines on tile floors.

i mop xxl natural floor brush

Natural Hair Brush

Whereas the rest of the brushes in this category fall under the ‘everyday floor cleaning’ remit, the natural hair brush was specially designed by i-team for the floors that need extra consideration so as to not leave visible damage on them after cleaning. This brush is built for cleaning rubber floors and cork and timber sports halls floors.

i-mop Floor Brushes: XL and XXL Only

The i-mop XL and XXL models have specific brushes available to their models that allow for the use of the machine on sensitive floors that cannot handle the speed, intensity, or moisture release of the other floor pads in the i-mop range. The following brushes are for use only on moisture-sensitive surfaces.

i mop xxl low density medium blue brush

Low Density Medium Blue Brush

The blue brush is the medium version of the low density models, and it's most appropriate for surfaces such as computer floors that require a much lighter scrub and little-to-no moisture.

i mop xxl low density hard red brush

Low Density Hard Red Brush

The red brush is the hard version of the low density models and it can be used on older wooden floors that need tougher bristles to clean but much less moisture.

i-mop Floor Pads

i mop_floor_pads_collection

i-mop Floor Pads

The i-mop floor pads are for flat, continuous surfaces that require no
brushes to clean them. Floors that are protected and only have a light soiling
only require restoration and a soft shine to the surface. The pads are as
follows, listed from least to most aggressive cleaning:

  • White Pad
  • Red Pad
  • Blue Pad
  • Green Pad
  • Black Pad

If you want a comprehensive look at the different floor pads for the i-mop and what they offer, you can read our blog on Choosing the Right Floor Pads.

i-mop Floor Brushes: Maintenance and Storage

Floor brushes are vital components of any cleaning machine, and they’re especially important to the lifespan of the i-mop. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your brushes, proper maintenance is needed. Here's a few tips on how to keep your brushes in tip-top working order:

Cleaning Routine

After every use, thoroughly clean the floor brushes to remove dirt, dust, and residue accumulated during cleaning. Depending on the type of debris encountered, use appropriate cleaning methods. For instance, vacuum loose dirt before washing with soap and warm water.

Debris Removal

Regularly check the brush bristles for trapped debris such as hair, strings, or threads. Use a brush cleaning tool (or even your gloved fingers) to remove any entangled material. Debris that sticks around may hinder brush rotation

Proper Storage

It’s best to store the floor brushes in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight and moisture. Placing them on racks prevents any bristles becoming deformed and prolongs their lifespan. The easiest way to achieve all of this is to purchase the i-store Standard Cabinet, which has room for 12 brushes, as well as plenty of other cleaning equipment.

Rotation and Replacement

Keep rotating the floor brushes you use to distribute any wear evenly among multiple brushes. Keep track of their lifespan and replace them when they noticeably fail to deliver the same cleaning results as before. If you use worn-out brushes, it not only compromises cleanliness but can also strain the cleaning machine.

i store i mop cabinet wray bros

We hope this blog has helped iron out some of the queries you may have about the various i-mop brushes. Remember, when buying an i-mop, consider what floors you or your staff are going to be using it on and buy and use the correct brush accordingly.

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