PPE Responsibilities: Employers and Employees

Workplaces need to be as safe as possible and designed to keep employees safe from hazards.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to be worn by employees to protect to protect them from risks that could affect their health or cause injury. Equipment needs to be risk assessed and all employees need to be fully trained in its use to further prevent the chance of accidents and injuries.

It's also a must in protecting you and your business from potential claims if the worst were to happen.

What hazards do your staff face on a daily or regular basis? Is it falling objects, dust that could damage the lungs or noise pollution?

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Catering PPE

Employer Responsibility

Legally, the employers must ensure that there is suitable workwear and PPE provided should there be tasks that involve hazards, and make sure the PPE is checked and maintained.

  • As well as PPE, employers have a duty to ensure that all staff are fully trained ready to take on these roles that have risks involved, and have the skills and equipment in order to tackle any problems that may occur.
  • Any protective equipment or clothing must include clear instructions on how to use them, close at hand and easy to read or watch.
  • We also recommend that you take into consideration the comfort of the wearers - unfortunately one size doesn't always fit all and you don't want employees refusing to wear safety gear because of a poor fit.
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Employee Responsibility

Employees are able to refuse to work if it's believed that the equipment supplied is substandard or leaves you in danger. However it's not just the employer who has the responsibility in providing PPE and safety clothing.

  • Never wear loose fitting clothing, leave jewellery or hair exposed if using machinery of any kind in the workplace.
  • Maintain and monitor the PPE - do not interfere with it to potentially compromise its safety or the individual's. Does it need replacing or fixing? Let someone know. Keeping high standards of awareness and care in regards to your equipment, clothing and working environment, others around you will be likely to follow suit.
  • As the employer should give full training, those who receive it should fully engage and take the time to make sure it's understood.

PPE Considerations

It's essential you choose products that are CE marked in accordance with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2018. Selecting PPE specific to your employees is also recommended - making sure that each piece fits them properly. Buying in bulk unfortunately doesn't always work and can be just as dangerous as not providing PPE at all.

Ensure that the PPE can be used together e.g. goggles that can be worn at the same time as helmets.

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Protective Gloves

Hand injuries is one of the most common reported issues in the workplace. The scope of injuries is wide and varied, as such there are gloves available to protect from heat, cold, cuts, chemicals and impact hazards.

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Hearing Protection

Whether it is ear muffs, ear plugs or helmet mounted ear protectors, not all hearing protection offers the same level of noise reduction. The choice is to allow for various working environments, all without isolating your staff.

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Eye protection is needed in a variety of workplaces, and there's a wide range of options now vailable from spectacles, visors and safety goggles. The products we sell always meet the relevant European standards on glare, UV and impact.

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Respiratory PPE

Thankfully the range of face masks have increased significantly over the years and suit all budget types. Make sure they are comfortable to wear and have a good fit by using an appropriate fit test.

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Head Protection

From your standard yellow hard hats and bump caps to the more innovative peak-through options available - all of which can offer a comfortable fit. Suitable for different environments and budget.

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